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iPhone & iPad

With more than 200 millions devices around the world, the iPhone and the iPad became the leaders of the mobile world. Moreover, their users are greedy of custom applications, they have downloaded more than 10 billions apps so far.

You can benefit from this growing market too by creating a custom application for your restaurant! MobileResto takes care of everything, including the insertion on the AppStore! You manage your content using our CMS and the updates are automatically available on the iPhone/iPad.


Mobile Web

The mobile world is wide and many other platforms are available out there (Android, BlackBerry, ...). In order to reach a maxium of users, MobileResto gives you a web application optimized for mobile devices!

This application is accessible on any browser and furnish the exact sames functionalities as the website.



A classical website is important to increase the visibility of your restaurant and to be present on search engines (Google, Bing, ...).

MobileResto creates a complete website for your restaurant for free, it will display all the content used by your mobile applications. You manage your content in one single place (our CMS) and all your apps are automatically updated (website and mobile applications).


Your mobile applications and your website have the following functionalities :


Listing of your restaurant news. Each article can be enhanced with photos and/or videos.



Present your schedule to your clients, by days and slots. The date of the day is automatically highlited


The menu

Listing of your complete menu, whether it is your starters, your dishes, your deserts or your wines list. It is possible to insert your menu directly in PDF format..



Your clients can easily reserve a table directly from a reservation form. You automatically receive an email at each new request.



Listing of your events to come, a description and a flyer can be displayed. Your users can share the events by email or on Facebook.



Discovery of your restaurant through photos albums. Create as many albums as you need with HD photos.



Display your contact details and the address of your restaurant. Google Maps is used to show the itinary to access your restaurant from the current user location.


Click on an image to open it in fullscreen :


Iphone01_t Iphone02_t Iphone03_t Iphone04_t Iphone05_t Iphone06_t Iphone07_t Iphone08_t


Ipad01_t Ipad02_t Ipad03_t Ipad04_t Ipad05_t Ipad06_t Ipad07_t Ipad08_t

Mobile Web

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Content management

Manage your data very easily

MobileResto has developed a content management system optimised for restaurants. It allows you to easily manage all the content displayed by your mobile applications and your website. You can use this tool by yourself or you can give access to it to your collaborators. You don't need any particular skill to use our CMS.

Menu management

Create as many menus as you want : classic menu, menu of the week, whines list... each menu can be composed of subcategories (starters, dishes, deserts, ...). Each dish can be represented by a title, a description, a price and a picture.

Schedule management

Encode the full schedule of your restaurant, you have the possibility to specify multiple slots per day (e.g : from 12:00 to 15:00 and from 18:00 to 23:00).

Reservations management

You receive an email notification at every new booking request. You can then accept/deny the request and add a custom message. Your client will receive an email and a push notification to confirm his request.

Contact details management

Enter the phone number of your restaurant, his email address and his postal address. These information will be displayed in a optimal way on the iPhone/iPad application : call the restaurant or add an entry in the address book, display of the itinary to access your restaurant from the current location of the user, ...

News and events management

Alert your users about your last news and events. Each article can be enhanced with rich content (HTML, photos, videos, ...).

Photos management

Create as many photos albums as you want, each of them can contain an unlimited number of HD photos. You can upload multiple photos simultaneously.

And much more...

Internationalized application

Your iPhone/iPad application but also your website and his mobile version are accessible in english, french and dutch. You can manage your content in any language you want. For example, you can encode your menu in english, french and italian.

Working offline

Your iPhone/iPad application is fully accessible even if the user is not connected to the Internet. Data are stored locally on the device. An update is automatically performed when an Internet connection is available.

Push notifications

Push notifications are similar to SMS (limited to 140 caracters), you can send a notification to all the users of your application in on single operation. MobileResto allows you to easily send push notifications, it is a great way to communicate with your clients!

PDF format menu

You often change your menu and you don't want to re-encode it at every time on MobileResto? You have the possibility to integrate your menu directly in PDF format and this update can even be automated by sending emails!!


You manage multiple restaurants and you don't want to create a seperate application for each of them? MobileResto allows you to manage multiple restaurants in the same application. The first screen will allow the user to select the restaurant he is interested in.

Choose your functionalities

Some functionalities offered by MobileResto are not useful for your restaurant? For example, you don't want to show the events section to your users? No worries, you can easily disable sections you are not interested in.

Test an existing MobileResto application

The iPhone/iPad application of "La Maison du Peket" uses MobileResto and is available on the AppStore. It is a great example of what you can do using our product and the application has a custom design.

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