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  • Web
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  • Mobile
    • All the functionalities
    • Your website
    • Mobile web version
    10 € / month
  • Multi
    • All the functionalities
    • Your website
    • Mobile web version
    • iPhone/iPad application
    • Multi-restaurants
    40 € / month

  • You must own an Apple account in order to publish your application on the AppStore (79 € / year)


This plan allows you to create a website for your restaurant for free. It will present your menu, your news, ... It is accessible using the subdomain of your choice and you can configure your own custom domains.


In addition to your website, this plan gives you access to his mobile version. It will be accessible on all smartphones / pads and will have the exact same functionalities as the website.


In addition to your website and his mobile version, this plan allows you to get your own custom iPhone/iPad application on the AppStore. The application will be submitted to the AppStore using your own Apple account and you manage your content using our custom CMS.


Are you the owner of multiple restaurants? This plan allows you to manage multiple restaurants in the same application. The first screen of the app will ask the user to select the restaurant he is interested in.

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