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This mini-guide regroups the 8 steps to follow in order to fully benefit from the MobileResto services.

1) Registration

Create an MobileResto account, registration is free and allows you to test all the functionalities of our service.

2) Create your restaurant

Once connected to the admin panel, you will be asked to create your restaurant by encoding the required information (name, address, phone number, ...).

3) Manage your content

Our content management system is available for you so you can easily manage all your content : your menu, your schedule, your photos, ...

4) Access to your website and try his mobile version

The website of your restaurant and his mobile version are automatically available using your subdomain. You can of course configure your own custom domain.

7) Pay your subscription

Before we can handle your request, we ask you to pay your MobileResto subscription. You can pay online or by bank transfer.

7) Submit your application on the AppStore

Once you have paid your MobileResto subscription, you can submit your application on the AppStore using your Apple account, we will send you the required files. We can also submit the app for you if you give us access to your account.

8) Download your application on the AppStore

The AppStore validation process usually takes 7 days, when your application is accepted you will be abble to download it from the AppStore. You can now start your promotion campaign!