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Subscription and payment

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Subscription and payment

Do I have to pay to register to MobileResto?

No, registration to MobileResto is free. It allows you to create the website of your restaurant and to benefit from his mobile version for 30 days. Once this delay has passed, you will be asked to upgrade your subscription to keep your mobile version activ or to choose another subscription to publish your iPhone/iPad application on the AppStore.

How can I pay my subscription?

When you decide to choose a paid subscription, you can pay you order directly online (Paypal, Visa, MasterCard) or you can do a bank transfer.

For how long is my subscription valid?

When you subscribe to a MobileResto plan, you agree for a period of 12 months. Once this period is over, you have to extend your subscription manually if you want to keep it.

Is the website really free?

Yes, your website is totally free.

The AppStore

Who will be able to download my application?

All iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners will be able to download your application from the AppStore.

Do my customers need to pay in order to download the app?

It's your choice. Your application will be published on the AppStore using your own Apple account, you can then decice to distribute it freely or to set a price for it.

Do I need to submit my application on the AppStore by myself?

It's your choice. You need to create your Apple account in order to submit your application (79 € / year). You can then decide to submit your app by yourself and in that case, we will send you all the required files. Or you can give access to your account to our team and we will take care of the submission. In both cases, we will guide and help you during the whole process.

How long should I wait before my application is available on the AppStore?

Once you submit your application to MobileResto (using the admin interface) and if you paid your order, we will submit your application to Apple within 2 days. The Apple validation procedure usually takes 7 days.

Can I update the content of my application once it is accepted on the AppStore?

Of course. You manage your content using our CMS and each modification is directly reflected in your application.

Is it possible to test an existing application?

Of course! We suggest that you download the application for "La Maison du Peket" available on the AppStore.
AppStore - Web & mobile

The data

Are my data safe?

The access to your account and to your data is always done through an encrypted connection (SSL). Your data and your photos are daily backuped on Amazon S3.

Who will manage my data?

You are the only master on board. You, or someone you will give access to, will manage the whole content displayed by your applications.


Can I customize the design of my application?

For now, you cannot customize the design from the admin panel but we are planning to develop this functionality. You can however order a custom design to MobileResto, we will create the design and integrate it to your application.

Can I use my own custom domain to access my website and his mobile version?

Yes, and this even if you have a free plan. By default, your website and his mobile version are accessible using the mobileresto.com subdomain you chose at registration. You can add one or multiple custom domains at any time.

Other platforms

Is it possible to have an Android native version?

Not for now. However, we are planning to develop the Android version in the future. In the meantime, the mobile web version allows you to satisfy all your clients (Android, BlackBerry, ...).